Welcome to Adventures In Kung Fu! No, this is not about a kung fu movie nor is a kung fu movieĀ …yet… Or maybe a video game…hmm.

This unique metaphorical blog is actually about the adventures and battles of the restaurant kitchen! If there is a in depth, honest, true-to-industry reality blog, this is it!

Kung Fu, the name of this blog, is named after a Thai and Chinese restaurant that I used to run. And kung fu is the perfect term for the restaurant industry.

If you don’t know about the restaurant industry or never worked in a restaurant before, you’ll be surprised what goes on behind the wall, and the origins of your prepared food. But, it’s not all cynical. It’s a whole new world behind the kitchen doors and that’s what we will look to share and have you explore.

We’ll also share delectable recipes and drop a little food knowledge for you to use yourself.

So come to this food and restaurant blog to witness theĀ adventures in kung fu!