The Reality Of A Beginning Restaurant Cook

At the age of 15 I stumbled upon cooking at my first job at a small Hawaii restaurant. Being my first job, I was terrible at it. I started off as a prep cook preparing foods for the days and, for some items, weeks ahead (they froze some of their food).

Knowing nothing about the restaurant industry, not even knowing how to hold a knife, the senior and more experienced cooks heckled me in their frustration. The cooks were asian and spoke their native language to each other so I know that they were talking their shit about me.

“Oh no, not another shitty worker. He doesn’t even know how to wash dishes.”, I could imagine them saying in their native tongue.

I was slow, clueless around the kitchen, and stood around when I didn’t know what to do while the cooks tended to the lunch and dinner rushes. I watched as they frantically cooked the foods to order once they were called out by the front staff. Moving with speed and grace, it was literally like watching a kung fu master practice his tai chi.¬†Initially, I hadn’t caught on to the clues of how that’s how I supposed to be working – with speed and production. Continue reading “The Reality Of A Beginning Restaurant Cook”