Hello Culinary World!

Welcome to Kung Fu Kitchen Adventures!

Cooking in a restaurant is like kung fu. There’s a lot of different styles, techniques, variations, skills, etc., that is inspired by people across the globe. We have battles everyday in the restaurant, especially on a Friday night.

I’ve been in the restaurant industry for a while now. Here on this little blog, I will share with you the battles that go down in the restaurant industry. I’ll try to share with the world what goes on behind the scenes. Off the bat, I can tell you there are the good battles, the bad, and the epic!

This website is named “Kung Fu” because I used to run a restaurant at a commercial place that was named Kung Fu. I thought the concept of the name could make sharing about the restaurant industry fun. And this is also the original domain name of the restaurant, so I acquired it and here I am!

It’ll be fun. I’ll share with you great recipes that I’ve I’ve collected through my journeys.

So come here for some epic battles and Kung Fu Kitchen Adventures!

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