Only The Passionate Survive In The Food Industry

Only The Passionate Survive In The Food Industry

If you are going to go in battle in the food industry, if your intent is to survive, you must have passion. Period! This actually goes for any industry or career that you go into. Passion for what you do is the key to success and happiness.

I’ve witnessed time and time again people’s souls taken away in the kitchen. It’s not a quick and painless death, but rather like cancer that slowly kills people away. The less passionate that people are about cooking, and the longer they stay in the industry, death of the soul is bound to happen. They become zombies controlled by the chef, manager, boss, or owner.

They say only the strong survive. In the restaurant industry it’s the very passionate ones that comes out on top. I’ve gone into battles with very strong people that could cook like mad men slapping their cheating wives. But with every battle they weaken. The everyday grind, grinds away at their soul. At the end they eventually break having nothing to fight for in the field. It’s different with the passionate ones.

Passionate people always have something to fight for, if they’re doing what they love. In fact, they grow stronger with every challenge. Energy is increased with every battle fought whether they win or lose. They can’t sleep at night as their minds race thinking about the next battle. Research of strategy, constantly learning, gaining more skill, and tightening up their technique is what’s in his/her mind majority of the time.

That’s what passion does for a fighter. You’ve heard the great warriors of our past (the successful, wealthy, and happy), they advise you to find your passion! They don’t say it just to say it. There’s a reason. And that reason can only be understood if you find out what’s that passion and build your career/profession around it.

In the kitchen, without passion…your dead…

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